Take Me Out To The Ball Game


Take me out to the Ball Game.

As the host of TCO2 we have found that due to our geographic location, basically in the centre of the universe, a lot of delegates and vendors may be arriving Monday. We also found that due to other events or tours, Monday evening was a little empty. Now Windsor is an exciting town, but with Detroit a bus ride away, felt it fitting to offer up a chance to see Detroit’s finest.

With that in mind we found the Detroit Tigers playing the Chicago White Sox on Monday September 21, 2015. Game time is 19:00. What better way to kick off the week then to go over and watch the White Sox have batting practice at the expense of the Tigers. (Admit it, the Tigers are having a dismal season)

We have arranged to purchase tickets in advance for the September 21, 2015 19:00 game. This is the second game of a double header, they also play at 13:00 earlier in the day. (We are hoping the White Sox will be tired.) Ticket prices vary between $30-40 (USD) per seat and this is along first base line, behind the White Sox bench. This is currently converted to $39-52 Cdn.

We are asking if you would like to go as a group, please register no later than August 24, 2015. We purchase the tickets and then invoice you for the amount owing. This will be an excellent time to get together, have fun, break out the peanuts and cracker jack!

Transportation to Comerica will be provided by two options:

Please register soon and this is open to everyone! Batter Up!


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